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Hi I’ve set the hub, Quantum NXS and tuned the quantum to each gear, however when I press the buttons to come down then go back up there is nothing when charging gear up, I have to wait a good 45 - 60 seconds befor the button responds again, also I cannot set the Quantum to recognise I have only 10 gears, in manual setup i select > 10 gears > start at the lower gear > next > but I can’t select the large gear as requested I can get to 3rd gear and that’s it. 

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Try adjusting the stall setting for the motor. It can be 2000 - 3000. If too low, then the battery may turn off from overload. It the stall is too high, then it may not complete the shift.

If you need to wait 60 seconds, then you may be exceeding the shift usage counter. We allow about 30 shifts per minute to prevent motor overheating. Its enough for normal riding, but during setup and testing, you can easily exceed that.


As for the 10 gear problem, I really don't know what is happening. This is well tested and works with 10 gears. A video would be helpful.

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1. I will try but I’ve got to video the NXS program on another phone to do this, so once I have another phone to video the setup phone I will send on the video.

2. As for normal setup I am not exceeding 30 shifts a minute I can tell you that so I don’t know what’s happening there, the stall parameter its default is 2600, is this then to high?

3. Again I will try to get a video of this and send it in.

4. When will there be a manual for the NXS? 


2600 is "safe". But often too high for some derailleurs. If you set it very low, such as 2000, it won't stall. But, if you hit an obstruction, such as shifting without pedaling, the battery may turn off. That requires removing the battery and reinsert to reset it.

We are working on some better instructions for setup. Sorry its late.

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I use a hand cycle as I’m disabled, would 2300 be ok, as getting in and out of my hand cycle is such a strain so I need it to not stall but at the same time not have the battery switch off either. 

NXS Wireless 26/01/2023 4:36 pm

@andrewmoult You can set it to a low number. As long as you don't get careless and shift without pedaling, it should never be an issue. Or, if you have it adjusted wrong and run into the derailleur limit screw.

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