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Can't find blakbullet on bluetooth after firmware update

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I tried to update two blakbullets and two quantums.

Quantums and one of blakbullets were updated completely.

One of blakbullet was not able to see on bluetooth after updated.

I tried below

1. charge battery of blakbullet : no change

2. delete quantum on APP, reset and re-register on APP : no change, blakbullet is not found on APP.

Do you have any way to fix this issue?

NXS Wireless 19/02/2023 9:18 pm

@daisuke-eto Please note, the LED on the BB is very dim. Its hard to see. Please check again if its working. If not, don't charge it for 3 days and let's see if it recovers itself. It does seem that something unusual happened during the update process. Probably lost connection, which corrupted the data file. Its very unusual.

NXS Wireless 19/02/2023 9:19 pm

@daisuke-eto By the way, can you tell us what type of phone and OS you were using for the update?

3 Answers

The firmware update process has been well tested. And the core library has been in use by thousands of companies for years. So this is very strange. Have you tried to see the BB on another phone?

Hold the reset on the BB for 3 seconds and you should see the light flash when it resets.


Its very unlikely that the firmware update caused this. However, if you interrupted the update at a critical time, its possible, but not likely, to corrupt the software. Are you sure this BB was functioning properly before the update?

Can you see it on the firmware update app?

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Before updated, BB worked correctly. Today I reset all BBs and Quantums. Both BBs LED didn't come on, but normal BB looks reset correctly because between BB and quantum losted connection. Abnormal BB still doesn't appear on APP. Quantums red LED came on when reset, and both quantums reset correctly. I attached a APP screenshot after reset all components. I have three phones. I confirmed with 2nd phone but one BB cannot see on APP, same as 1st phone. On 3rd phone, APP crash so I cannot confirm.


IMG 20230219 130309622~2
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