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Two apps & Weather?
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Two apps & Weather?

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I just got the system this past weekend. I noticed when I went to download the app that there are actually two of them. I downloaded both, is that right? I got to say after spending the weekend using the system for my commuter bike, I'm really loving it! It shifts wonderfully and has worked flawlessly. Mind you  that it has only been a couple of rides so far but the shifting have been perfect so far. Now it's just a matter of seeing how it will work over time. Can you tell me if there will be any difference once I'm using it in wet weather?

Anyway a good product so far and I enjoy the slight changes to the BlakBullet Hub. The changes made it a bit easier to place it in my bike stem. Now just get a user manual done guys

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The DFU app is for updating the firmware only. For now there are no updates. Yours was shipped with latest firmware. As for water proof, we will never claim our product is "water proof", because then customers will take it swimming and complain it doesn't work. Its designed to withstand normal rain, etc. If you wash the bike, NEVER directly spray any electronics with water, even if its "water proof". And absolutely never use a power washer on your bike.

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