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[Solved] Quantum Mounting

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The Quantum is specifically designed to be mounted directly to a rear derailleur. It can also be frame mounted.

Aluminum direct mount adapter. The lightest and lowest cost option. Available in multiple thread sizes and MTB style. This is recommended only for road bike, as a rock impact or fall can break it. However, if broken it should not cause any damage to the derailleur or to the Quantum. It will break like a fuse. You may be able to still use the Quantum with broken adapter, with adjustments to shift pattern.

Mag direct mount adapter. This is similar to the aluminum adapter, but has magnetic break away. It will take a significant impact with no damage. It just springs back in place. This is recommended for mountain bikes or other off road.

Tube direct mount adapter. Use this if the Quantum would be mounted at an awkward angle. We have a 180 and 235 degree adapter. The bend angle can be adjusted. Must use the ultra flexible 1.1mm shifting cable with tube adapter.

Frame mount with cable: Currently we only offer the 13mm Claw mount. This was made specifically for Brompton frames, but will fit anything from 12mm - 16mm, if you protect the frame tube with rubber. When mounting to the frame, you will need to use the Quantum tube adapter along with a derailleur tube adapter. Join the derailleur and Quantum with a standard cable housing. You must use a cable housing. Do not pull the cable directly with Quantum from frame mount.

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Which magnetic adapter should I use for Sram XX1? Thanks.

NXS Wireless Topic starter 14/01/2023 10:40 am

@brunom4 Please check the thread size in the cable adjuster on the derailleur. It is probably an M6- 0.75

brunom4 16/01/2023 12:15 am

Sram XX1 has no thread

NXS Wireless Topic starter 16/01/2023 12:43 pm

@brunom4 Then you use the MTB type.


Please tell me which adapter I need to use for Shimano rear derailleur.  Thank you.

Topic starter

Shimano mostly uses the M5 cable adjuster on rear derailleur. But it may also be MTB type, with no adapter. Please check. If not sure, send us a picture.

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