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Does not recognise quantum or BlakBullet

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I have installed NXS wireless on my android phone, registered myself. Gone into settins> Bluetooth scan> found BlakBullet and Quantum> paired both, then opened NXS app logged In but NO equipment is showing even when click add device nothing,!!!

What am I doing wrong,?

why is there no manual or instructions? 

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My Blakbullet cannot be detected. Please help. 

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followed your instructions, network settings reset in android’s phone settings, NXS app location is allowed while in use, No other phone in location, Bluetooth in android lists the devices but none are paired.

When opening NXS app the screen is blank as is the add new device screen, there are no devices shown so cannot select to add new device. I’ve logged out and back in again and refreshed device and app. I am at a loss here!

jason.th.wong 15/01/2023 7:23 am


If you are still stuck, maybe you could try the following.

1. Remove the battery from Quantum shifter and charge it. Do not attempt again until charger "GREEN" Led is on brightly.
2. Switch off the BlakBullet hub and charge it. <- Leave it overnight.
*** Important - Do NOT use a iDevice (ipad, iphone or even macbook) USB-C charging block . It doesn't seems to charge properly. Typical USB chargers (e.g. from Android phones) with standard USB-C cable mostly work fine. Do not try again until the devices are fully charge, easiest way is to leave it overnight.
3. Once Quantum shifter's battery is fully charge , re-install the battery. Make sure the contact is sitting properly, otherwise see instructions posted by admin about greases.
4. Power on the Quantum shifter, hold the power button for 3 seconds while doing so.
5. Open up the NXS App.
6. Click Add NXS System. You should see the Quantum shifter.
- Select the Quantum shifter. (ignore message about adding a rear hub, etc)
- Do NOT change Device name and PIN. NEXT- > Enter the lowest cog position (Example 1.0mm) -> Next -> Enter the highest Cog position (example 40mm) -> FINISH.
-- positions are EXAMPLES ONLY.
Note that like any shifters, you have to be moving the wheels , i.e. turning the crank while shifting, so if you are not familiar , test out before actually do the installation.

-- Just another user.

NXS Wireless 15/01/2023 10:11 pm

@andrewmoult Just a couple points:
2. There is no power switch for the BlakBullet. Its always on. Unless its disconnected from the Quantum for a few minutes, then it will go into sleep mode. Just push any button again to wake it.
3. You can use a small amount of dielectric grease to maintain good contact and prevent corrosion. Dielectric grease is very useful on any connection that is exposed to weather.
4. If you hold the reset button when inserting the batter, this will only reset the PIN, and not reset the entire flash. If you want to reset the flash, just hold the button 3 seconds after battery is inserted.
6. You should give it a unique name. Changing PIN is optional. At this point we recommend not. There seems to be a few small bugs with it, and since there is not many people using the system, its not really a risk.

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