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What is NXS?

NXS is a network for bicycle components. Think of it like WIFI. You have a hub, and can connect other devices or computers to it. NXS uses one of your components as the hub, and you then connect the other components. NXS is designed with an open API. In the future, other component manufacturers will be able to launch their own NXS compatible wireless components.

What is Quantum?

In a word, Quantum is awesome! Quantum is a very small and light wirelessly controlled servo motor. You connect it to your front or rear derailleur. Its been designed for modular mounting, and parametric software, so in theory it can be used for just about anything that needs a cable pulled.

Do you have free shipping?

Unfortunately, shipping costs have increased to the point that we can not offer free international shipping. We will charge actual shipping fees that we pay, no markup.

Do you have a mobile APP?

We will first release an Android only APP. Later this year the iPhone version will be released.

Can I use Quantum on an Alpine 11?

Yes you can, however you will not have full range. The Quantum has 42mm of stroke, and the Alipine 11 requires about 55mm. Later in 2022 we will produce an extended range model made for IGH (Internal Gear Hub).

Can I use Quantum on my Brompton?

Yes you can! We offer a convenient 13mm frame mount adapter. Mount Quantum anywhere you want and connect with a derailleur cable.
NOTE: You need to use shifting cable, do not use a brake cable!

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to most countries. There are some exceptions, such as Russia, Belarus, Brazil and some other countries that are very difficult or expensive to ship to. Contact us if there is no shipping option available.

Where is NXS made?

The components for the NXS system are sourced globally. Final assembly is done in Thailand.

Is NXS backward compatible to XShifter?

Initially it will not be. If there is enough demand, we will make a firmware update for the XShifter pods. Unfortunately, the ELink will probably not be backward compatible.

What do I need for a complete system?

Minimum system requirements: Quantum, mounting adapter, charger, BlakBullet hub, and BIT or Shifty buttons.

Is the front derailleur durable?

Well, its not as tough as a forged aluminum or steel front derailleur. but we believe its durable enough for road bike use. The carbon fiber blades are replaceable, should they wear out. We do not recommend this derailleur for downhill or serious off road riding.

Can I use NXS on a hand cycle?

Yes, there are several options. You can use “ability” buttons. These are usually large gel type buttons you actuate with elbow or chin. Or, you can mount the blakbullet hub and a set of shifter buttons to the hand crank. You can put 2 buttons on one side, or you can use a BlakBullet and button on each side for double control.

Do you have a frame mount?

Yes we do. We currently offer the “Claw” CNC machined frame mount.  Only in 13mm size.

Does NXS have automatic shifting?

We do not have fully automatic shifting. But we do have semi-auto shifting. You just use 2 buttons, up/down to shift through both the front and rear derailleur. You need to preset the teeth count for all cogs, and then NXS will figure out the best gear combination.

Is anti-cross chaining available?

Yes it is, and more. We allow the user to manually lockout any particular gear combination. If you try to shift into that gear combo, it will just skip past to the next one. This is very useful for anti-cross chain, as well as skipping over troublesome gears.

What rear derailleur adapter do I need?

You need to carefully measure the threads on your barrel adjuster. The Quantum adapter will thread into the same hole. Typically Shimano uses M5 and SRAM uses M6, but there are exceptions. We will try to build a database of correct sizes as time goes.

See the adapter chart here.

What payment methods do you except?

We accept credit card via Stripe gateway, and Paypal

What adapter do I use for Brompton?

If you are connecting to a Brompton, probably you will use a shifting inner and outer cable. You can’t connect Quantum direct to the Brompton special shifter. So, choose the Tube adapter. It won’t matter which thread size or tube angle because you probably won’t use those components.

What happened to the pre-sales?

Due to drastic market changes, we made the tough decision to cancel and refund all of the pre-sale orders. All will be refunded as quickly as we can.

Please see our message here:

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