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NXS Wireless from CELL

The NXS system is the latest innovation from CELL. It is an open and network capable wireless system. We have created an entire new product line based on this technology. Now you can connect multiple components and configure from our new APP. The system is open, which means other manufacturers and OEMs can connect to our network. We have designed the system to be as flexible and configurable as possible. There is almost no limit to what can be done with NXS. The NXS system is loosely based on the amazing XShifter system. But we took everything that was wrong with XShifter, and made it right. We spent 3 years listening to customer input and included everything we could. We believe this is the system that you have been asking for.

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The Heart of the NXS system is our Software and Network

The NXS system took years to develop, but it was worth the wait. When we began this project, some of the technology we are now using did not even exist!  Connect up to 7 devices to the NXS network for a fully integrated system. We created NXS to be OPEN. That means that with proper credentials, anyone will be able to build a wireless device and connect to our network.  NXS is FLEXIBLE. The APP and software is configurable to virtually any type of device, whether its a derailleur or dropper post. The pod buttons can be mapped. You can choose from 2 button control of front and rear derailleur, or use separate pods for each.  Our system is ULTRA low power. We have no power switches or motion sensors to interrupt you. Its Always ready. CELL has optimized every aspect of our components to provide the longest possible battery life from the smallest possible battery. The competition can’t touch us.

The Muscle of the NXS system is our Quantum servo

At a mere 55 grams, and 70mm long, it’s far lighter and more compact than its predecessors.  Quantum has enough cable stroke and power for any front or rear derailleur. We designed Quantum to be simple and reliable. Moving parts are a minimum. Our ingenious contactless position system is accurate to better than 10 microns. Intelligent, adaptive motor control means it will stop at the correct position, no matter what the cable load is, no matter what derailleur you have.  We use a low voltage system that eliminates the need for multiple cell battery pack, and the complications that brings. It is fully programmable from 2 to 32 speeds. It’s incredibly small size and weight allows it to be connected directly to the cable port of any derailleur. We offer a wide range of adapters. Or, contact us for OEM and custom requirements.  The mini size power pack has enough charge for a minimum of 5,000 shifts. We designed this system for cycling, not to be parked on your desk. The charger is also micro sized. Easily carry a spare battery and the charger in your jersey pocket. USB-C charging port ensures a reliable connection.

NXS is the lightest electronic front derailleur ever. Nothing else even comes close.

At just 90 grams, it is lighter than most mechanical front derailleurs.  Replaceable carbon fiber guide plates.  It uses our Quantum wireless servo. Very long battery life of up to 10,000 shifts. The standby time is at least 6 months. No power switch or finnicky motion sensors to worry about, its always on and ready for action.

At CELL, we believe every component on your bike should be as small and light as possible.

Introducing our amazing BlakBullet hub. We thought the best place for the hub is inside of a drop bar. But that was crazy! No way its possible to squeeze all that technology into such a tight space. Well, fortunately the CELL engineers are a little crazy and found a way to do it. The rubber molded case eliminates noise and vibration.

CELL components are not “recyclable” or “disposable”. We took the extra effort to make the BlackBullet rechargeable. A single charge will last minimum 1 year. USB-C charging port for reliable connection. Long antenna wire that can be routed outside of a metal bar. There are 4 universal ports. Our simple but unique system allows multiple buttons to be connected to each port. The cables connectors are only 5mm in diameter, to allow for easy internal routing. Purchase DIY cables separately and connect the BlakBullet to any type of switch. Ultra small, flat, and flexible cable can be completely hidden under the bar tape. This is as stealthy as it gets!

The BIT button is designed for easy retrofit into any rubber hood, or even embed it into the bar tape.

Use 2 buttons for a road bike, one on each side. One for UP shift, the other for DOWN. Press both together to change the front derailleur. Or, configure it for a 1X system and add another button for the front derailleur.  One pair of BITs uses 2 of the 4 ports of the BlakBullet hub.

This is “Shifty”, the perfect solution for flat bars.

Shifty is machined from 6061 Aluminum for very light weight. Its only 14mm wide, so it can easily fit between your grip and brake lever. It has 2 buttons for shifting and a 3rd function button that can be used for a front derailleur or dropper. Connect it to our BlakBullet hub for full wireless control.


Convert your dropper to wireless

The Dropperator is what you’ve been waiting for. Connect the cable to the bottom of any bottom actuated dropper, and instantly convert it to wireless operation. Only 27mm diameter, so it will fit inside nearly any frame tube. Includes an external antenna lead that can be routed outside of a metal frame if needed.

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