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Does not recognise quantum or BlakBullet

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I have installed NXS wireless on my android phone, registered myself. Gone into settins> Bluetooth scan> found BlakBullet and Quantum> paired both, then opened NXS app logged In but NO equipment is showing even when click add device nothing,!!!

What am I doing wrong,?

why is there no manual or instructions? 

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There are several possible causes:

1. You do not have Bluetooth location permission enabled. This is something Android recently added. Check the permissions for the app in settings

2. You paired the device to the phone. Do NOT pair it. If you did, remove the pairing. And due to a bug in Android, you may need to reset network settings on the phone to clear out the information. If its paired, then the phones core Bluetooth will hijack the connection and cause lots of problems.

3. You have another Bluetooth scanner app that is hijacking the connection. Such as nRFConnect, Light Blue, etc.

4. Another phone is currently connected to it. (Only can connect to one device at a time)

5. Dead battery

6. Hold the reset button on the devices for 3 seconds, until the LED flashes to completely clear its memory


1. Open APP

2. Add new NXS

3. Select the Quantum and name it, such as "My Red Bike". Used default PIN.

4. After setup the Quantum, go to configure, and add new device. (Blak Bullet)

5. Setup shift points on Quantum

6. Map the buttons


Sorry there is no manual yet. We are working on setup videos to be coming soon.

andrewmoult Topic starter 14/01/2023 4:55 pm

@paul followed your instructions, network settings reset in android’s phone settings, NXS app location is allowed while in use, No other phone in location, Bluetooth in android lists the devices but none are paired.

When opening NXS app the screen is blank as is the add new device screen, there are no devices shown so cannot select to add new device. I’ve logged out and back in again and refreshed device and app. I am at a loss here!


I'm a little confused as well. You say opening screen is blank. That is normal if you have not created a new system. You say the "new device" screen is blank, but you can't access that until you have created a new NXS system. 

Did you reset the Quantum by holding the button 3 seconds?

You can try a different phone if possible.

If you can see it on your phone pairing screen, then the wireless is functional.

We did have a small issue with not discovering the Quantum when making a new NXS system. Just try it a few times. Its a random thing where sometimes it won't see it.


Also, make sure you got the latest app from Google Play. If you downloaded the app more than 2 weeks ago, its outdated.



The NXS app does not check that location permission is enabled. It is set to deny by default. Make sure it is. Will add that feature in the next release.

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I’ve unistalled NXS wireless and reinstalled it, gone into permissions and there are No Permissions Denied, the version of NXS IS 1.0.56, last updated 23 December 2022, notifications are allowed, my phone is compatible as compatibility states Works on this device. Pressed the button on BlakBullet Hub for 3 seconds lights flash. Opened NXS app swiped down to refresh still no device shown, pressed on + NEW NXS SYSTEM, next screen which states to add NXS system hub. This must be the rear derailleur. Choose from available devices below, the screen is blank. So what now? 

NXS Wireless 14/01/2023 9:59 pm

@andrewmoult "compatibility" on Play store basically means nothing. There are hundreds of different phones on the market, and we can only test on a fraction of them. So it is possible its a phone issue. There is no issue with the Quantum, since its fully tested, and you can discover it on the phone. What model phone and OS are you using?


This is very strange. Not seen this problem. This is exactly what it will do if you don't have the location permission enabled for NXS app. Are you sure about that?

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So it now recognised the quantum and BlakBullet, give it a name and now I’m on the configure page 


what goes in these boxes 

port from A - D5

Action - Press/Button Release/Double Button Press

Function Shift Up/Shift Down/Toggle/Seatpost Lock/Searpost Unlock/Auto up

Double Press from A - D5

Device - Rear derailleur

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It’s a Samsung S12


Button Mapping:
Select the Blak Bullet. Should already be selected

Port: Select your button. If you press a button, you will see a popup message that identifies the pressed button.

Button action: Generally use button press

Function: Shift or or Shift down

Double press: Only needed if you select Double button press above

Device: Rear derailleur


Topic starter

Got that thank you, when testing off the bike the servo stalls for some reason and I have to reprogram the hub and buttons by remapping, is this because there is no tension on the cable? Or something else? 



There are 2 things:

1. We have a usage timer. Its about 30 shifts per minute. If you use it more than that, it will stop shifting to prevent motor overheating.

2. If it only partially completes the shift, you may need to adjust the motor parameters. There is a stall setting. You can set this low, such as 2000 and it won't stall. However, if you set it too low, then the battery may turn off if you hit an obstruction, such as shifting without pedaling.

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Thank you again, I don’t know what I would have done without your support. If I get stuck again I will call on you. Thank you

10 ********** rating

NXS Wireless 15/01/2023 10:35 pm

@andrewmoult Sorry we don't have good setup instructions yet. You are an early user of the system. We actually need some of this interaction so we know what points to focus on.

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That’s understood, but I am an X-Shifter user so I understand some of the fundamentals of the NXS System, and I’m IT trained as well which helps. I take it that the tuning element of Quantum works the same way as the X-Shifter? 

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I also wanted to ask, as I’ve got a quantum adapter, the derailleurs I use are Shimano Altus 9 speed, and SRAM 10 speed, as the have already got their own screw adjusters do I need to purchase separate 5 & 6 mm adapters and can I use normal outer gear casing with quantum? 

secondly how do I change the cable in the quantum if it’s frayed or Broken? 

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